Anna Shostrand

Anna began her yoga journey in the early 2000s with her friend and teacher, Lyndsey Stropkey. Together they would practice Iyengar videos and attend local classes. Occasional practice became consistent practice when Lyndsey introduced Anna to the Kripalu Yoga tradition. This gentle, compassionate approach resonated deeply with her and breathed new life into her body and heart. It also strengthened her determination to do what she loves, and pass on the peace and healing she has received to others. She took her first level one Usui Reiki class with Debbie Craven in 2009, and continued her studies in Reiki. Anna received her Master level Usui Reiki certification with Erin Hill in 2012. That same year, she began student teaching at Branches of Wellness. She experienced 2 years of teaching a variety of yoga styles to all ages from children to seniors, and helped to develop the Reiki restorative yoga class. In 2014, she received her 200- Hour Aura Wellness Yoga Teacher Certification with Highest Honors. Her style has been inspired by many local teachers, including but not limited to; Lyndsey Stropkey, Denise Brown, Anne Ondrey, and Erin Hill. She continues to teach yoga, practice Reiki and Tuning Forks and feels blessed to be doing so!

Anna Shostrand instructs the following:
Gentle, Yin & Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is designed to relax and rejuvenate. This class educates on relaxation and stress-relief techniques such as deep breathing as well as incorporating passive stretching with the support of props. Restorative yoga has amazing benefits for all of the bodily systems, particularly the nervous system, and can also help relieve the symptoms of back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. This class is open to all levels who would like to counteract the effects of stress. Please bring a firm blanket or cushion if you have one.
Yin is the cooling, calming, emotional energy within us. It is a process of slowing down and resolving to be still in the body, in order to eventually still the mind. The intention in Yin Yoga is to hold postures in stillness for extended periods, which makes it a very meditative and emotionally freeing practice. As you hold the postures or "makahos", for up to 10 minutes, different meridians (aka nadis) are stretched, restored, and brought back to balance- in turn bringing the major systems of the body back to balance. Yin Yoga can help to release emotions that are seated deep within the fascia or connective tissues of the body. It's Yoga's form of acupuncture, and the counter balance to our on-the-go Yang lifestyles. Yin Yoga also enhances the production of synovial fluid while gently stressing joints, as well as stretching the connective tissues. It is great for those who experience any joint pain or swelling. When you have completed your practice, you leave feeling open, limber, and new.

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