Mark Mondville

Mark’s first forays with power animals began at age 10. Shortly thereafter he began work with self-hypnosis and research into philosophical and metaphysical principles and schools of thought. He was initiated into a personal shamanic path following seven illnesses within one year and a three month isolation period. During his developmental years he continued researching world religions, arcane philosophy, the occult, Jungian dream work, and plant-based medicines. He now takes a reconciliation approach, attempting to network numerous and various learnings from diverse perspectives. Having recently reawakened the dormant forces of spirit journeying within his life, he is now ready to share these teachings and understanding with others. He feels compelled to accelerate all students along their differing paths up the one mountain of enlightenment in an increasingly complicated and fearful world. With unbridled non-judgmental love as a foundation, we can raise the collective consciousness of our species to create a brighter world for future generations. Certified Reiki III Master and in Plant-Based Nutrition.  Other services offered by Mark are Dream Consultation, Shamanic Work, Soul Retrieval, Ancestor Communication, House Cleansings, Past Life Regression, Object Charging.

Mark Mondville is currently not instructing any classes.