Karma Yoga

This class is taught by:

Anna Shostrand

Anna began her yoga journey in the early 2000s with her friend and teacher, Lyndsey Stropkey. Together they would practice Iyengar videos and attend local classes. Occasional practice became consistent practice when Lyndsey introduced Anna to the Kripalu Yoga tradition. This gentle, compassionate approach resonated deeply with her and breathed new life into her body and heart. It also strengthened her determination to do what she loves, and pass on the peace and healing she has received to others. She took her first level one Usui Reiki class with Debbie Craven in 2009, and continued her studies in Reiki. Anna received her Master level Usui Reiki certification with Erin Hill in 2012. That same year, she began student teaching at Branches of Wellness. She experienced 2 years of teaching a variety of yoga styles to all ages from children to seniors, and helped to develop the Reiki restorative yoga class. In 2014, she received her 200- Hour Aura Wellness Yoga Teacher Certification with Highest Honors. Her style has been inspired by many local teachers, including but not limited to; Lyndsey Stropkey, Denise Brown, Anne Ondrey, and Erin Hill. She continues to teach yoga, practice Reiki and Tuning Forks and feels blessed to be doing so!

Michelle Gonzalez

Michelle began walking the path in 2011 when she attended her first yoga class. She was curious, and in spite of feeling intimidated, she forced herself to go. After experiencing Shavasana for the first time, she felt ‘her face melt’ and has been hooked ever since. Michelle not only enjoys the physical aspect of the practice but is moved beyond words by the spiritual practice. In January of 2014, Michelle became certified in first degree Usui Reiki. Learning and practicing Reiki affirmed her heart’s desire to share health, wellness, and healing with those who seek it. To uphold her newfound dharma, she immediately enrolled in T.R.Y. 4 Life 200-hour yoga teacher training, and received her certification in May 2014. Michelle is currently marketing manager, Reiki practitioner, and yoga instructor at Branches of Wellness. She also teaches yoga for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. “I finally feel like I’m home.”

Char Wyatt

Char is a Yoga Instructor, certified at the 300 hour level through Awaken Yoga in Mentor.  

Lyndsey Stropkey

Lyndsey unknowingly stumbled into her life’s work in the year 2000, when she took her first yoga class at the Shree Muktananda Ashram. She came into the practice seeking knowledge and physical health and found a world of emotional and spiritual healing as well. From there, she continued her practice at home, studying independently, and eventually began taking vinyasa flow classes at a local gym. Though she loved the physical movement, she always found herself wanting to know more about ALL the aspects of yoga aside from the postures. What about philosophy, breathing, chanting, meditation and MORE relaxation?! She found it all in the Kripalu tradition, and in 2008, Lyndsey attended a month long immersion at the Kripalu Center, where she received her 200- hour Kripalu Yoga teacher certification. She returned to Kripalu later that year to get certified to teach Yoga Dance- a practice that combines her love of music, yoga, and dance. In 2009, she obtained her basic certification as a practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage of the Tao Mountain lineage. That same year, she took her first degree Reiki class and became a certified Pilates instructor through the National Exercise Teacher's Association. In 2010, Lyndsey completed her Master level of Usui Reiki training with Erin Hill and became her apprentice. She began co-teaching Reiki trainings and passing attunements with Erin in 2014. She returned to The Studio Cleveland and completed intermediate Thai massage training in 2013. Lyndsey recently completed her 500- hour Kripalu Yoga teacher training, obtaining her 500- hour certificate in 2017.  She teaches to all ages all around Lake County and the Cleveland area, including teaching patients and employees of the Cleveland Clinic. She particularly enjoys teaching a variety of yoga styles to people who think they cannot do yoga. It is so gratifying watching people blossom and unfold as they come home to themselves and release imagined limitations. Lyndsey is a graduate of Hiram College with a BA in music. She helps to manage Branches of Wellness as well as offering classes, private sessions, and treatments there.

Karma Yoga is the act of selfless service. In order to make yoga accessible for all, this class is offered for free, though love donations are gratefully accepted.  Give only what you can, take only what you need!